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Jeff Wier

Jeff Wier


I'm Jeff Wier, and I am the photographer at Point North Photography. I specialize in fine art photography of landscapes and night skies with an emphasis on Michigan scenes.

— I’m seldom without a camera and love taking pictures!


Jeff Wier is an award winning, Smithsonian sponsored art exhibitor.


Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jeff currently lives in Hudsonville, MI. He is self-taught in photography, the art of wooden kayak building, and wooden boat restoration.


Jeff’s goal as a photographer is to transport the viewer into the image.


I’m trying to convey the sense of wonderment. ‘What lies beyond the path, the fog, that land mass?’ These are the things I wonder about when I’m shooting them. If I can get you to see and feel these emotions then I’ve done my job as a photographer.


I was once told ‘Find your passion and have an affair’. I have great passion for my work as a photographer, artist and craftsman.”   – Jeff Wier


Jeff Wier is a gifted craftsman and a passionate artisan.


He is a builder and restorer of wooded kayaks and boats. He is an intrepid, adventurer and outdoorsman. He enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge.  He is a doer, who values experience over material gain. Jeff is a man without pretense who is deeply contemplative, candid, and incisive.


All of who he is, is portrayed in his photography. His friends and acquaintances will agree that he is generous with his time and resources, and is an honest, and loyal friend.”   – J.C.


Point North Photography offers Jeff’s photography in a wide range of options such as:

  • Cards or mugs featuring Jeff’s original work
  • Traditional photographic prints of all sizes
  • Canvas prints
  • Metal prints (The photo is actually printed on aluminum with no need for framing.)
  • Acrylic prints (Printed on acrylic)

In the interest of losing nothing to a cropped print, aspect ratios are in multiples of 4” x 6”. Please contact Jeff for any options you do not see or special requests.


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